Friday, 28 February 2014

Places to Explore During Your Stay at Holiday Rental Villa in Provence

The mere thought of staying at a holiday rental villa in Provence brings up images of calm surroundings, warm sunny days and sipping fine wines by heated swimming pools. It doesn't matter whether your villa is located in a rural area or a costal one, it is sure to have several attractive features and numerous places to explore while you stay there. Moreover, visiting all these places is quite affordable.

Breathtaking Oceans

When you have decided to stay at the holiday rental villa in Provence, you must know that Provence is a place full of beautiful and diverse surroundings to explore. It has a Côte d'Azur coastline that overlooks Mediterranean Sea. Explore these breathtaking costlines while you walk hand in hand with your beloved.

Mangnificient mountains

The awesome mountain range of Alps is quite a popular spot among the adventure lovers. One can go for sking, cycling, rock climbing and have the privilege to be a part of the "Tour de France". Apart from these activities you can also go for sight seeing the rural landscapes and historic villages. The holiday rental villa in France also provides sight-seeing packages to its guests.

Wonderful Vineyards

The countryside of france has some amazing vineyards for you to visit and taste the local wines. You can buy the finest wines from the wine factories and enjoy sipping it while you relax in the verandah of your villa. Try tasting wines like Côtes de Provence, Bandol and liqueur crème de cassis if you are a wine lover. You will definitely love them! With such beautiful places to explore and visit, you will definitely get a good value for your money when you stay at holiday rental villa in France . If you are desperately looking for a break and a tranquil atmosphere, visit France and unwind at your best!

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