Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ways in Which UVC Products Help in Hospital Infection Control

The costs of air conditioning and cleaning energy is soaring high and the hospital authorities are the biggest sufferers of ever rising bills. Thanks to the usage of UVC products for hospital infection control, the electricity bill amounts have come down. By using these products, the energy costs are saved without compromising the comfort of the patient. Let us know about some of the qualities of UVC products which make them popular equipment for cleaning.

Hospital cleaning products

Destroying microbes with ease

The usage of UVC devices has been made mandatory for hospital cleaning pertaining to the multiple benefits provided by them. The energy which is emitted by these devices is such that it can destroy even the smallest microbe existing in the surroundings of the hospital. It kills the DNA and RNA of these germs making them inactive to spread infection. So even if there are deep molds or dusts, these devices clear them.

Enhancing the working of chillers

Chillers are used in the hospitals for storing blood, medicines and other devices. By using the UVC products, the working of chillers gets enhanced and leads to reduction in bills. The overall electrical usage also declines and it leads to great annual energy savings. This is an extraordinary difference made to the energy of the hospitals.

Maintaining the indoor air quality

Hospital infection control is not limited to cleaning the germs on bed and equipments. The indoor air quality (IAQ) of the hospital must be maintained. The UVC products kill the microbes, viruses as well as bacteria that are air borne. This leads the hospital to have clean indoors and lessen cross-infection risk. These devices can also control the humidity as well as other atmosphere levels. The air conditioners run efficiently and the air flow increases.
Inculcate the usage of these products in hospital cleaning and experience the change! Happy cleaning.

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