Friday, 16 May 2014

Why Should You Inculcate The Usage of UVC Products for Hospital Cleaning?

When it comes to listing the products for hospital cleaning there are various products including soaps, sanitizers, anti-bacterial spray, gels etc. You might find an array of disinfectants in the market when you go for buying them in order to undertake the cleaning tasks. But very few people are aware that these products are not 100% effective in killing germs.


In-spite of using these products, the dangerous viruses and bacteria continue to thrive and harm the patients in the hospitals. Here are the reasons why you should you be using UVC products for cleaning.

In-efficacious liquid disinfectants:

Some of the hospital authorities think that liquid disinfectants are enough for the control of infection in hospitals and prevent the bacteria from spreading. But the fact is that they are quite messy to use. Moreover, they spread allergies, are toxic when inhaled or consumed and can harm the environment a lot. As some of the bacteria are resistant to these liquids, they get strengthened by the usage of these liquids.

Antibiotics are not enough:

Antibiotics have long been invented and are thought to be an ideal solution for control of infection in hospitals. However, due to inaccuracies in prescribing antibiotics and administering them has led to the ineffectiveness of antibiotics. Germs are getting adapted to antibiotics. A super-bug which causes intestinal diseases is absolutely immune to the treatment of anti-biotic. As the super-bugs are rising tremendously, we must use cutting edge UVC technology for cleaning the hospitals.

Hospital Acquired Infections:

In the year 2012 more than 17 billion dollars were spent on treating the hospital acquired infections. These infections can be contracted in hospitals where the life-threatening microorganisms thrive. These infections were spread out of the usage of everyday stuff like mobile phones, stationary items, purses, keyboards, watches, ID cards etc. Hence the usages of UVC products have become mandatory for hospital cleaning.

The UVC light products kill 100% bacteria and are very easy and safe to use. So what are you waiting for? Order one for your hospital now!

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