Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Features That A Hand Vac UV-C Provides for Hospital Cleaning!

Hospital cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining hygiene at a place where people come to get treated from professional hands. For a thorough cleansing and prevention of germ spreading, UV-C Hand Vac instruments are used for effective sanitization all over the hospital premises.

hospital cleaning product
Take a look at some of the features that this instrument offers

Virus destroyal

This instrument is not just for sanitization but also used to disinfect the drinking water and eliminate molds, germs, viruses by destroying their DNA cells. They are also energy effective and will reduce the energy consumption along with hospital infection control. The experts have found these products to save more than 15% of energy costs, improve the air quality and cuts maintenance costs of the premises. The hand VAC UV-C product plays a key role here.

Killing bacteria from hard surfaces

The hand VAC uses swift light to kill spore, bacteria, viruses, dusts etc as they sweep all over the place. They are used to keep mattresses, medical tools, furniture etc clean. At the same time, the UV-C wands give the same advantages but they are utilized more for hard surfaces and tools in the hospitals. Air purifiers are used to purify the air in the hospital premises.

100% cleaning

The UV-C hand vac products clean close to 99.9% of germs and are safe to use without any side effects to the user. They can be used as an alternative to other products that may cause respiratory issues to patients and their relatives.
UVC products a reasonable and cost effective instruments when it comes to hospital cleaning and remove water and air viruses from any nook and corner. Moreover they do not cause any harm. Due to these benefits, the health care sector thinks it fit to use UV-C products for hospital infection control all around the UK. Have you considered this? Contact an expert now!

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