Monday, 29 September 2014

Beware of These Scams When You Go for Laptop Repair!

It is sometimes difficult to recognize a fraud I.T solutions company from a genuine one. There are many scams that people fall prey to when it comes to laptop repair and faulty products. Thankfully in Ealing, UK, the authorities have provided licenses to only genuine and tested firms. So here's what the fraud companies do:


Charge more and give less:

Recognizing an imposter organization is an art in itself. These firms pretend to provide excellent service such as computer repair or other products charging more fees but giving them low quality service. In Ealing, registered and reliable companies explain everything to their clients and give a time bound service.

Parts go missing:

When people give their laptop for repair to unsuspecting companies at initial low cost, the representatives start quoting higher costs for the repair. Any disapproval from the client may instigate them to delay the repair and process and ultimately when the laptop is given back, some parts may be missing.

Theft of private data:

The serious case that may happen is theft of private data. A hoax deal may lead personal data and information into a never ending trap. Experts always suggest using strong passwords and logging off from pages when not in use.

Virus Attack!

Other fraud that is common these days related to laptop repair is that fake vendors will offer their service for laptop repair and at the end of 3 days will give back the system to clients with virus that will damage it beyond repair. This may instigate the owner to contact vendors repeatedly making them earn well. This fraud will not happen in Ealing, due to regular awareness held for people regularly.

The IT experts based in Ealing always suggest that when you go for computer repair, you must trust only on established licensed, referenced and experienced companies. Get it right now!

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