Monday, 2 March 2015

Broadband Connections Given by Companies Offering IT Support Services!

It doesn't matter if it is a small-sized business or MNC, internet connection for every type of business is an essential source to connect with their customers. Getting a reliable and faster broadband condition is quite tough these days with too many service providers in the market. But the IT support services in Ealing can give you the desired broadband plans with uninterrupted services. Here are few types of broadband connections provided by the service providers:
IT Support Services Ealing

ASDL or ASDL 2+ Broadband:

ASDL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is known for its speed in one direction which is termed as 'standard broadband'. That is the downloading speed. If your business depends on downloading lots of files from internet, ASDL or ASDL 2+ can be a handy option. Whereas uploading or sending any file takes more time than the downloading process. This type of broadband connection uses fibre connections. Many firms providing network services in Ealing provide such kind of internet connections.

FTTC or FTTP Broadband:

FTTC is abbreviated as Fibre to the Cabinet and FTTP is known as Fibre to the Premises. These types of broadband connections can offer more speed than traditional ones. FTTC can give you a lightning fast speed of 40 meg. The speeds might vary as the distance from the service provider lengthens. IT support services in Ealing can provide you such fastest fibre connections for your business.

One more type is bonded broadband connection which is known for its super-fast speed and capability to run more than 4 ASDL lines at a time. It will boost the speed four or more times as compared to normal ASDL connection. This might be handy option if you are looking networking services in Ealing for MNC. Get your desired broadband connection now!

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