Wednesday, 29 April 2015

3 Aspects That Needs to Be Considered Before Hiring Outsourced Network Support!

Whenever one intends hire and outsources their IT support, cost is one of the major factors that one thinks that needs to be considered. This however is a false notion and there are many other things that need to be considered while signing a contract. Network support agreement need to include all the services that you business needs. Here are few things that need to be included in your agreement.

Server support Chiswick

Resolution and response:

This is the service they are there for; if the support company is unable to respond to you in the required time frame you lose business. Resolution time is what it actually takes to fix you issue and it is generally few hours. Don’t get carried away by companies flaunting about their on the spot solution.

Levels of services:

Generally IT companies have services divided into different levels and based on that services are defined. Initial level of service is just like ‘turn on and turn off’ thing. The complexity of the issues can be defined based on the level at which your complaint reaches. Server support is the final stage where the company can’t afford to play around with. Experts from Chiswick follow this organizational level for utmost customer satisfaction.

Exclusions from your contract:

There will be times that not everything would be covered by the network support team and it is pretty obvious. But before you sign any agreement make sure that majority of the services are covered and you are happy with that. According to experts in Chiswick things that are excluded is water damage, damage due to power fluctuation, theft etc.

Network and server support from experts in Chiswick ensures that your business functions efficiently and nothing mar its progress.

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