Friday, 29 May 2015

Create Magic with Vintage Metal Lockers!

Hearing the word, ‘locker’ immediately reminds you of metal lockers and takes you back to good old school days. Well, that’s an obvious imagination anyone can do when it comes to lockers. A thing we have seen in the gym, schools and banks. But there are different types of lockers and few of them much apt for one situation or other.

Lets check out the types of lockers:

Open Lockers: as the name says, these lockers can be accessed at any time. They are right in front of your eyes. E.g.: hospitals, police stations, emergency room
Plastic Lockers: they work best in a condition like where there is humid and moisture content is higher. They also are perfect for a place where there is a risk of getting exposed to chemicals.
Clear Front door: What more can you ask! A see-through locker where you can keep your things securely while keeping a watch on the same
All wood lockers: If you are fond of the earthy look and looking for a style, these are fit for you
Wire Storage locker: they are robust and can stand heavy wear and tear. Perfect for places where the usage is going to be really heavy
Ventilated lockers: For gyms where you need to keep your sweaty pants after a heavy work out, ventilated lockers prevent the bacterial growth and checks on the odor.

Vintage metal Lockers

The above all mentioned lockers have been in use for a long time but if you want to own a locker that are not only useful but also looks earthy and rustic then vintage metal locker is definitely for you. A double bonanza!

For all vintage lovers, I would like to make a special reference about the Vintage style Lockers. Well, finding vintage metal lockers for sale is a little hard work as you need to find a seller that manufactures the same.

Check out for Vintage metal lockers for sale in the city. Contact him to know more about the material he used in making, different designs he can offer and if it serves the purpose- the practical element of a metal locker. Vintage metal lockers for sale are usually of two types:

  • Retro Style American Steel Lockers

  • Vintage Style Steel Lockers

Select a seller that is trustworthy and provides you the vintage metal locker that beautifies the place, is of use and is a thing to boost among your family and friends.
Create a retro space in your house that leaves you nostalgic every time you see it.

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