Tuesday, 24 June 2014

5 Types of France Mortgages You Must Know About!

If you are looking forward to get loan, that too in France, first thing which is considered is your income. If a person receives income regularly, the chances of getting loans might increase. In France, you can get mortgage just up to 1/3rd of your income. Variation of loan may depend on the bank that you approach, but the margin would not change broadly. Here are few mortgages that you must know before lending:


Fixed interest rate mortgages:

Most probably this type of mortgage in France becomes handy for those who get fixed income per month. This will help you know when you need to pay the lending amount and it is fixed through out the loan period. This might cost you a bit more than the variable ones. If ever you fail to pay it on time, the penalties will be huge.

Variable interest rate mortgages:

It's the finest alternative for fixed interest rate loan. Variable loan is the most popular mortgage in Florida, where most of them believe that its saves a lot when the interest rates go down. The banks in France offers a variable interest rate that will help you when the market prices fluctuates or interest rates hike.

Fixed payment loans:

These types of loans are especially designed according to clients requirements and the amount of loan borrowed. The loan you get is fixed according to your monthly income but the interest rates may vary. Here you have the benefit, if the interest rates are low, you will exempted from the penalty for a certain time period.

Interest only:

Interest only is accepted all over France and most of the people are comfortable with 25 years mortgage plan. In this you need to pay interest up to 5 years and then 20 years will be with interest and capital interest. Another option provided by Florida mortgage is 10 years interest only and 15 years capital and regular interest rates.

Bridging Loans:

This loan is especially for those who already have a property yet to sell and are willing to buy another property. In this case the loan is just given for 2 years. The amount of loan given is 70% of value of the existing property. Only interest is to be paid till the property is sold and capital interest is paid later.
These are 5 types of mortgage in France that you must know before lending any!

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