Monday, 30 June 2014

Regular Use of UV-C Products Can Assist in Cleaning Different Hospital Sections

Over the past decade, hospitals have themselves become prone to infections and MRSA virus. It has thus been recommended by experts to use UV technology products for hospital infection control and cleaning. These products stop the growth of microbes and help in cleaning the premises. So in what different sections you can use them? Lets have a look:

Hospital Cleaning

UV-C products for hospital beds

There are some UV-C products offered by specialized firms that assist in hospital cleaning and prevention of microbial growth on the bed. These products can be used for purifying beds and equipments, premises, etc. Besides, they can also be installed in HVAC systems for air disinfection.

UV-C products for visiting rooms

The UV-C products are needed the most in visiting rooms to combat air and surface germs and viruses. This his because all sorts of infectections are brought in with the visitors. The products used in the visiting rooms are effective to kill 99% of harmful microbes. Under professional cleaning supervisors, the visiting rooms of hospitals can be kept free from any infection and diseases. This keeps the room clean and safe for the patients as well as visitors in the hospital.

Operating room sterilization

The UVC products are used to sterilize all surfaces exposed to UV rays before any major activity in hospitals or before the start of the day. The operation room air is controlled or irradiated to ensure prevention of germs in the air. Also, when the hospital cleaning takes place, the sterilizer is used to provide clean germ free flooring in the premises.
UVC can assist upto a great extent to clean mold particles and mold spores that are non-viable by cleaning the full colonies. Regular use of these can result into reduction of medical expenses for the hospital, reduction of maintenance cost of ducts and systems and better running HVAC systems in addition with healthy environment.
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